This year Kinderlove has put together a list of the best Christmas gifts ever! From Baby to Parents. With some super exciting products, you need to make sure you are not on the naughty list, because everything we have listed is NICE!!!!

Baby: Birth – 2 years

I often find it difficult to purchase for babies, and this year is no different. With the twins only being 8 months, what could I possible get them that they would love? Nothing! that’s why this year I have taken the money and spent it decorating their room.  They spend a lot of time there, so why shouldn’t it be gorgeous. Right? Right! So, we partnered up with the top room decor company in the business Kikki&Franki and this is what we got:

Amazing Fly Away Wall Art


We will be popping some extras under the Christmas tree for them, just for shits and giggles.

Whenever anyone asks me what they can buy for the babies I have what I believe is the smartest answer ever! Nappiesand Baby Products.

I don’t need toys, books, bottles or clothes. I have twins! I need nappies and baby products.

Visti to buy now!




My threenager and his dad are nerf gun CRAZY! In 2017 alone they have managed to build a collection of over 34 nerf guns and counting! While this is absolute madness I must admit it has created some of the most awesome family moments with nerf wars. Nerf has also successfully managed to help me potty train my kid. Yes, I’m that mom – poo in the toilet and I will ask Santa will bring you a nerf gun. (Accepting my parent of the year award right here).

Nerf guns have become incredibly popular not just for boys but for girls as well, so much so that they have created a range especially for girls called Nerf Rebel.


For some awesome NERF video’s follow @NerfBoysSA 


For the Boys:

Yo-Kai Watch 

We specifically love the Yokai 2 range.

My son and nephew spent hours changing the disks and pretending to be a super heroes with their side kick Lilly. (Our British bully).


For the Girls:

My Little Pony

This one I must admit is all me! I could not contain my excitement when Hasbro announced the MLP movie and merchandise release date. As a mom of 3 boys, it’s all Frogs and snails and puppy-dogs’ tails. So, when I got to attend the movie and get my own (yes, my own) My Little Pony I was over the moon and it brought back such magical childhood memories. This year my #1 recommendation for little girls is the MLP range.

Then there is my ultimate favorite.


For boys and girls:


It has been 60 years! that’s right 60! I played with Play- Doh, my parents played with play – doh, even my parents parents played with play doh. ok maybe not that far back, but you get my point. It been around for ages and it is better than ever! Play-doh have successfully partnered with some of the most famous brands in the world and the results are amazing.

With Play-doh if you can imagine it, you can make it!

From kitchen creations, frozen, Marvel, touch and shape studio – the imagination can go wild and it is limitless.



Tweens 9 years and older – Techies

Jimu Robot Range

Yes! Tech Toys are the now.

Recently Toys R Us International made a public announcement that they were bankrupt and the internet went berserk!!! People were freaking out blaming all sorts of factors, but the main comment that kept on popping up was” it’s because the kids of today don’t play with toys, they just sit in front of the cellphones and tablets- it’s an absolute shame”

As a “modern” parent of 3 kids, I found that type of comment silly and completely well to be honest… ridiculous. SO much so that I wanted to add an angry emoji face to it.

We need to come to terms with the fact that this is now- we are heading for 2018- that is 2 years away from 2020- science fiction baby! Millennials are having kids!  Of course, technology is taking over.

I went away for the weekend – without the children, I was able to facetime them, log into the house cameras off my cell phone and send them voice recordings singing them to sleep. It was like I wasn’t even gone. Technology is everywhere and everything, we use it in every aspect of our everyday life- so why would it be any different for our children, their toys and learning development.

I want my kids growing up being tech savvy.  That is why I encourage Tech toys.  My husband and I were chatting about the fact that back in the 80’s (early 80’s) we only learnt our ABC’s in gr2. My son is 3 and already knows them like the back of his hand, how? Technology learning.  From the time he showed interest, we gave him a tablet, we downloaded aps and let him play.

Recently had had the opportunity to meet up with an incredible company that have a mind-blowing range of tech toys. SO, super advanced that I was speechless and in awe.  I’m talking next level tech and here is why you will want to add them to your kids and Dads Christmas list this year.


Stocking Fillers:

Hasbro Board games:

There are some super awesome board games, if you are just looking for some fun time with the whole family here is a list of games that everyone will love:

Kids will love Toilet Trouble where the next flush could mean a player gets drenched. Budding gymnasts can ‘get into the swing of things’ with Fantastic Gymnastics and hone their talents in this interactive game of skill. Monopoly has released its latest versions of the popular board game in South Africa, Monopoly Gamer is the Monopoly game with a Nintendo twist, featuring popular Super Mario characters and the next generation Monopoly board game featuring the new token set. Keep your piece of Mzansi with you over the holidays with Monopoly Mzansi. The local version of Monopoly, featuring 22 local landmarks voted in by South Africans, provides families with the ultimate local is lekker experience.


Vinyl Pops

Now these are AWESOME for EVERYONE! Kids, Parents even Grandparents. they are the perfect stocking filler and come in every character- ever!

This year on our list:

Daenerys Targaryen – Yes, I am a mother of 3 boys – my dragons- my Khal Drogo is my Moon and Sun! Spiderman – My son


Groot –  My husband The Joker – My BIL


Harlequin – My Sister Mrs. Pots – My Mother


Marshmallow Man – My Dad


 Spurt Swimming Goodies

Everyone loves to swim, if it is splashing around in the pool or training for a event their awesome range from kiddies to adults is the perfect stocking filler this Christmas.

If you would like to purchase any of these products

you are welcome to send us an email and we can provide you with the recommended suppliers

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