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Why all couples need a date night and rules you should follow

Remember when your man’s smile could make you weak at the knees? No? Then maybe you need to pencil in a date night for just the two of you… Can a date night really help revive a weather-beaten relationship?  Well, research suggests that it could be the relationship cure-all for couples who have lost their […]

The truth about only children: are they more insular and confident?

Nineteenth-century psychologists, it seems fair to say, did not always approve of only children. It was G Stanley Hall, the American psychologist, who claimed being a lone child was “a disease in itself”. Soon afterwards, another psychologist called Eugene W Bohannon offered a devastating analysis of the only child. They were “less venturesome” and “oversensitive”; […]


As Play-Doh fans gather to celebrate Word Play-Doh Day on the 16th September 2018, it’s no doubt that even after more than 60 years, this trusted brand continues to captivate the imaginations of children around the globe, providing them with the best in colourful, creatable, makeable adventures!   Play-Doh has proven popular in the classroom […]