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When Toddlers Protest Your Leaving

As a young medical student, part of my pediatric training was to observe a few mornings in a local, well-regarded preschool to get a taste of the “normal” in child development. When I arrived, I saw a knot of toddlers and preschoolers in various stages of upset gathered with a few teachers at the “goodbye window.” […]

When should my child first see a dentist?

A child’s first trip to the dentist is an important milestone, and regular visits are a crucial part of establishing good dental habits. Parents are less likely to seek early dental care for their children if they don’t receive guidance from a doctor or dentist, a new survey finds. The poll of 790 parents with […]

5 Myths about Parenting

Parenting tips are aplenty. It can seem like there’s a new trend every week boasting about the best way to raise your kids or warning about the worst. With so many prescriptions for good parenting, naturally, it can quickly get confusing and frustrating. Below, we asked two psychologists to share the most common myths — and […]

When can my toddler start music lessons?

You can introduce your little one to the joys of music at any time, whether it’s attending a sing-along group, playing her favourite songs at home, or even taking her to a music festival . At around the age of three you can start encouraging your child to identify melodies or pick out certain instruments like pianos, drums, or […]

The New Science of Mother-Baby Bonding

By Patty Onderko Groundbreaking new parenting research shows that a strong emotional attachment between a mother and her baby may help prevent diseases, boost immunity, and enhance a child’s IQ. You take your baby to the pediatrician for her regular check-ups, vaccines, and at the first sign of a fever. As parents you keep her […]