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When Do Children’s Senses Develop?

By: Tamsyn Helps Ever wondered when an infant’s senses develop? Mother’s who speak to their unborn children, controversially aren’t actually crazy in assuming the fetus can hear them, according to scientific research.  Scientifically it is understood that a newborn’s senses initially develop during pregnancy and are only strengthened and refined after birth. Hearing Fetus responds […]

12 Hands-On Recipes for Toddlers

Help expand your toddler’s palate by serving tasty, nutritious recipes the whole family will love. TEXT: CAROLYN LAND WILLIAMS, M.ED., R.D. June 20, 2011 1 of 13 Toddler-Friendly Recipes A few months ago as you spooned tiny bites of pureed peas into your little one’s mouth, you may have longed for the day that baby […]