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Does having an au pair make you a bad parent?

Gone are the days where all mothers were able to stay at home with their kids and where families could live off of one salary. With many parents choosing to go back to work after the crucial newborn phase, some families choose to hire alternative childcare, if they can afford it. While I was au pairing […]

What Factors Are Associated with Positive Parenting?

A recent study has found that positive parenting is related to certain characteristics of both the mother and the child; and when controlling for maternal factors, only child’s affection (e.g., infant sharing positive feelings and expressions with mother), and general cognitive abilities (e.g., basic problem solving, language abilities) are related to positive parenting.1 The study also found that girls received more positive parenting than […]

When should my child first see a dentist?

A child’s first trip to the dentist is an important milestone, and regular visits are a crucial part of establishing good dental habits. Parents are less likely to seek early dental care for their children if they don’t receive guidance from a doctor or dentist, a new survey finds. The poll of 790 parents with […]

5 Myths about Parenting

Parenting tips are aplenty. It can seem like there’s a new trend every week boasting about the best way to raise your kids or warning about the worst. With so many prescriptions for good parenting, naturally, it can quickly get confusing and frustrating. Below, we asked two psychologists to share the most common myths — and […]

10 Golden Rules For Parents Who Have More Than One Child

A child brings a bundle of joy. Having siblings for your child; that is having more than one child, brings a garden of happiness. While it is fun and lovely to enjoy your children bonding and love them equally, remember that you are dealing with two (or more) soft roses, sensitive souls. So, here we […]