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Why it’s OK for mums to holiday alone

I just bought a plane ticket for one. I have four children, ages 3 to 9, which makes this purchase noteworthy. A few weeks from now, I will pack a sensibly sized bag and fill it with things that belong only to me. Things that represent a life beyond motherhood: clothes that don’t double as […]

Seven Activities to Instill Gratitude this Holiday Season

Create a culture of gratitude in your family by extending this theme throughout the year. Help your children remember what they have to be grateful for – a loving family, food on the table, caring teachers, music and art, sports and games – whatever brings them joy. Help them notice these things and find ways […]

Traveling with Kids – Why I prefer to fly!

Traveling with Kids – Why I prefer to fly! It’s almost Easter holidays, and my family is in desperate need of a holiday. Only problem is… we have 3 kids under the age of 4. There is nothing more stressful than planning a holiday and arranging the transport. Last year we decided to do the […]