Written by: Lauren Morling

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, you are bound to be racking your brain about how to spoil your mother. Luckily for you, the day falls on Sunday, 13 May, so you have no reason not to spend the day with her. Whether you’re a partner or child, there are plenty ways you can make the mother or grandmother in your life feel special. After all, moms want to spend the day with those they cherish most, so what better gift can you give her than some quality bonding time with the family?

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1. Breakfast in bed

Give mom a specially cooked breakfast in bed with a cup of steaming tea or coffee. This way, she’ll be able to finally enjoy a lie-in as well as a meal she hasn’t cooked herself. You can do just about anything from pancakes to fruit salads, but if you’re going to be sticking wholeheartedly to this idea, try to make it as unique and special as possible. Make the meal with a twist by creating heart-shaped pancakes, melon slices or (my personal favourite) heart-shaped egg on toast! It’s very simple to do – simply cut out your toasted bread with a heart-shaped cookie cutter and remove the inner. Lay the toast in a hot frying pan and crack the egg into the middle of the cookie cutter and cook. A breakfast with a difference!

2. Send something special

If you’re not able to see your mother this Mother’s Day (perhaps you live too far away), then send her flowers to let her know you’re thinking of her. You can choose from a range of beautiful bunches through Woolworths’ Online Florist which will include a personalized message card. If your mom’s not a flower person, why not consider sending her a fruit basket, book package, or baked goods through Ethical Co-op which delivers a wide range of products straight to your door.

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3. Book a weekend away

I’m sure mom would appreciate a weekend away where she doesn’t have to cook or clean the house. If a weekend away doesn’t fit within your budget, just book her in for an overnight stay on Saturday night and spend Mother’s Day together.

4. Enjoy the fresh air

Spend quality time with your mom in the fresh outdoors. If it’s a beautiful day, plan a trip to your nearest botanical garden, park, or forest, and enjoy a short walk and a home packed picnic in the greens.

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5. Throw a tea party

Who wouldn’t enjoy a selection of tasty treats enjoyed with loved ones? Throw mom a tea party, equipped with a beautifully decorated table and all her favourite people. Don’t forget to bake a special cake or treat you know she loves for that little extra effort!

6. Make a memory jar

Instead of giving mom the usual go-to chocolate and sweets gift, create something meaningful that she can treasure forever. Write out some of your best memories on small pieces of pretty paper and include memorable things you have done together, family traditions, special things she has done for you, the best advice she has given you, etc. and pop them into a pretty jar. This way, she’ll always have a record of the difference she has made in your life and can relive these special memories at any time she wants. You can make a special tradition of adding in some more memories each year – you’ll be surprised at how much sharing these memories means to your mom or grandmother.

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7. Book a spa day

There is no better way to spoil your mom for all her hard work than by rewarding her with a relaxing spa treatment at Hilton Country Estate & Spa You can enjoy mother and daughter manicure and pedicure treatments or book yourself and your wife in for a couple’s massage. If your finances are a bit tight, why not create your own spa facility at home? Run a bath with sweet smelling bath oils, bubble bath, and scented candles. I recommend adding a few drops of lavender oil to the water which helps to relax and soothe your skin. If you’re up for it, suggest a foot rub or special massage afterwards!

8. Create a Mother’s Day Box of Surprises

Decorate a shoebox with some pretty paper and photos of you and mom and fill the box with some special items that have a hidden meaning. Items to include: a cotton ball – “to soften life’s falls”, a plaster – “to heal hurt feelings”, a battery – “for extra energy”, a toothpick – “to pick out the good qualities in your kids”, a button – “to button up your lips when you need to”, an eraser – “to erase the mistakes you’ll make along the way”, a roll of lifesavers – “to remind her you’re always there when she needs you”, a candle – “to light her way when things seem darkest”, tissues – “for when she needs a shoulder to cry on”, and some airtime – “to remind her she can always call you whenever she needs a chat”. Label these items with a pretty tag for a gift from the heart.

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