Immense Yourself In A World Of Hasbro Collectables

Collecting is fun; the anticipation of unboxing, the thrill of finding the missing piece to your collection, the excitement when you’ve completed a full set and of course the fun in sharing the joy with friends as you compare and swap to continue building your collectables empire.

Now Hasbro is adding to the fun with a new range of Collectables to complement the existing range of My Little Pony and Trolls mini-characters.

  • Lock on with Lock Stars – the collectable lock accessory lets you hold the key to unlock your collection. Each Lock Stars figure includes two keys, two charms and a mystery mini lock pal. Use the key to open the lock figure and reveal its hidden surprise. For added excitement, the mini lock pals are randomly assorted, so you don’t know which one you’ll get.  Receive one of 24 different figures, with more characters being added to collect (see collectors guide attached). Look out for the different categories of locks from Monsters and Robots to Chompers, Cutesy, Cosplay and Gross Lock Stars. Keep collecting or trading with friends to try and pair mini lock pals with their Lock Stars figures. Rock these locks on backpacks, shoes, wristbands and more, and look for the ‘superstar’ lock!

  • Hasbro Collectables also introduces Lost Kitties, an adorable collection of mischievous little kitties, each with a mind of their own and are not afraid to try and get what they want. These sneaky kitties are always on the lookout for an adventure, with their curious cat instincts taking them into unexpected places but they always seem to end up hiding in a carton, where it’s up to you to find them. Can you find who’z hidin inside?

Get to know these Lost Kitties figures, who come with accessories and a meme sticker – all hidden inside soft, shaping compound. The included shaping compound can be used to create all kinds of cool things for the kitties. Every Lost Kitties figure belongs to a squad that has its own unique personality. Use the collector’s guide (attached) to search for individual characters or complete squads. There are eight Lost Kitties ‘squads’, each with its own mischievous interests and personalities. Look out for #Nomz, #Cattitude, #WorkinIt, #ifIfits, #Adorbs, #ScaredyCats, #Cathletic and #NotFelineIt –  Lost Kitties series 1 has 36 different characters to collect in 2018.

Get to know some of the characters including:

  • Chomp, part of the #Nomz squad, is always asking to taste your lunch and if you say no, she’ll take it and run.
  • Peekerz, part of the #ScaredyCats squad, will try out every box in the house until she finds the one with the best view. Then she’ll hide inside and spy on everyone.
  • Memez, part of the #Adorbs squad, loves to be the center of attention, but when he is, he gets shy and tries to hide… he’s working on it.
  • Mr. Mush, part of the #Cathletic squad, isn’t afraid of anything, and he’s always up for a challenge whatever the occasion the other kitties know he’ll be ready to jump into action.
  • The Littlest Pet Shop (LPS) is also back with fun new characters and accessories, it’s the littlest pets with the BIG personalities! With hundreds of different characters to collect among nine different pet ‘communities’ – the search is on especially for the rare characters.

Immerse yourself in the world of Littlest Pet Shop by tuning into the latest animated series – catch up on some of the excitement with The Littlest Pet Shop – A World of our Own on YouTube . Join the main characters as they have lots of fun in each other’s company. Meet Roxie McTerrier – a hyper, optimistic and loyal Bostson Terrier who likes to eat cat food and cares a lot about her friends. Jade Catkin is a sarcastic, gothic bombay cat. Trip Hamston a confident, but sometimes goofy, hamster. Quincy Goatee is an easily frightened pygmy goat who faints at the drop of a hat. Edie Von Keet is a fancy, dramatic parakeet who is a talented actress. Bev Gilturtle is an energetic box turtle who tries her hardest to entertain the other pets.

Look out for The Little Pet Shop Blind Box Pets. Each surprise box contains a teensie-scale pet with a cozy small home that snaps onto a clip with a key or themed charm. Each pet fits snugly inside its home where they can stay safe and sound. Start or grow your LPS collection with the 3-Pet Collection Pack or the Pet Crew Assorted Packs containing doses of fun and adventure.  Each pack of funatastic pets includes a character from the monkey clan, pup pawsee, turtle tribe, and a purrfectly adorable kitty crew to unleash kid’s imaginations. There’s also new characters in the Littlest Pet Shop Frosting Frenzy range, where each pet features shimmering frosting décor on their heads to ensure they always look their very best. There’s an assortment pack, special collection pack and a BFF’s pack with either a wild pets twosome, a pawesome doggie duo, a cute kitty clan or a pair of fun feathered friends.  

Get into the fun of collecting, displaying and swapping with The Littlest Pet Shop, Lock Stars and Lost Kitties characters available at Toys R Us, ToyZone, Toy Kingdom, Hamleys, and other major retailers.


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