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When you want only the best for your little baba, Difrax is the only way to go!

Difrax: because you and your baby deserve the very best

The creative Difrax design team develops all new innovations in cooperation with medical experts. The members of the Difrax team have been making the difference for almost 50 years! They are the heart and soul of our business, driven by their common goal to add joy to the lives of mums, dads and children all over the world with the beautiful products of Difrax!

Safe & Secure
Our products are therefore extensively tested. After all parties involved have given their approval, the baby articles are reviewed by a test panel of experts, the ultimate end users; you and your baby!

Difrax 50 years

Difrax was established close to 50 years ago. The history of Difrax starts in 1967, when Dimphna and Frank van Eijkelenborg put their heart and soul into their newly established business enterprise dealing in baby products. The ‘Di’ in Difrax stands for Dimphna, the ‘Fra’ stands for Frank and the X stood for the name of their successor (a mystery successor at that time, of course). They started off selling cotton buds and baby rattles but eventually expanded to include a wide range of baby stuff.

Development innovative baby products

Daughter Vivienne has stood at the helm of Difrax since 1999, having been infused with the business from a very early age. “I was just a toddler when I started “working” in the business, modelling a dress of my parents’ design. And my sister, brother and I used to play hide-and-seek among boxes filled with baby stuff. Still, after obtaining my business economics degree, I never intended to take over Difrax, but everything changed when I decided to “check it out”. The potential I could envisage for Difrax intrigued me. I saw two major challenges: to develop even better products and to create new cross-border opportunities. I became captivated by the possibilities in the baby products industry and that hasn’t changed since.”

Baby bottles are indispensable during the first year of your baby’s life. You can use them to feed your baby its formula milk or expressed breast milk. And the good thing is: you can give your baby its bottle, but so can your partner, for instance. That way you share the intimate feeding moments with your baby. The Difrax S-bottle is the ideal baby bottle for preventing stomach cramps and is the number 1 baby bottle in the Netherlands.

Award winning baby bottle

Today, Difrax has developed more than 150 products with no end in sight and many innovative introductions in the pipeline. Every new product has its own development process. The S-bottle, the mum-friendly breast pump and the fastest bottle warmer in the world took years to develop, but the results are more than worth it. These products have won us several international innovation and design awards. Our clever innovations help make the lives of parents and their babies a little bit easier day in and day out: Difrax Guarantees Happy Growth!

Unique anti-colic system

The unique S-baby bottle reduces the risk of colic and allows every baby to drink easily and comfortably. The ergonomic shape ensures that your baby lies in a natural rounded position, with his or her head raised a little while drinking. This increases eye contact between you and your baby. Just as when breastfeeding.

Advantages Difrax S-bottle

  • Unique anti-colic system
  • The valve system ensures a constant flow of air from the bottom of the S-bottle, without causing a vacuum.
  • The air enters and stays in the bottom of the S-bottle and does not mix with the milk. This reduces the risk of colic, burping and vomiting.
  • Because air does not mix with milk all essential nutrients are preserved.
  • Ergonomic S-shaped design ensures you a more relaxed position and eye contact between you and your baby.

The S-baby bottle explained

The S-bottle can be taken apart from top to bottom, which is ideal for cleaning. All parts are replaceable and necessary for the unique anti-colic system of the bottle.

Bottle cap
The cap of the Difrax S-bottle indicates measures up to 30 ml or 50 ml. This helps you give your baby the right amount of formula milk or breast milk from birth.


Bottle teats
All teats are BPA-free, odourless and tasteless, easy to sterilise and with no risk of latex allergies.

S-bottle body
Ergonomic S-shaped design ensures you a more relaxed position and eye contact between you and your baby.

Anti-colic valve
The valve provides a constant, regular flow of formula or breast milk and prevents stomach and intestinal cramps, reflux, burping and colic.

The bottom is detachable, easy to fill with formula milk or cubes of frozen breast milk.

Which baby bottle should I use?

The Difrax S-bottle comes in 4 sizes and 2 designs: Natural (170 ml and 250 ml) and Wide (200 ml and 310 ml). But which baby bottle suits you and your baby best? First, some information on the sizes. The Difrax S-bottle 170 ml is mostly used during the initial period, after which parents change over to the Difrax S-bottle 250 ml, which consequently is the most popular size. The Difrax S-bottle 310 ml is the next step and ideal for milk porridge. Once you decide on the bottle size, choose either Natural or Wide.

S-bottle Natural

The Natural S-bottle is easy to hold and is quickly adapted by your baby.

S-bottle with a small bottle neck:

170 ml

250 ml





S-bottle Wide

The Wide S-bottle is easy to fill with formula milk or ice cubes of frozen breast milk. It has the same wide bottle neck as regular baby bottles.

S-bottle with a wide bottle neck :

200 ml

310 ml



Highly recommended by parents

We asked 95 parents with a baby in the age of 0-6 months, to test the Difrax S-bottle. They used the S-bottle for feedings at least 3 times a day, during a 14 day period. Their findings were:

  • 87% would replace their current baby bottle by the Difrax S-bottle
  • 91% would recommend the Difrax S-bottle to friends, family or colleagues
  • 78% of parents experience a decrease in their babies stomach cramps when using the S-bottle
  • The S-bottle is highly recommended by parents and rated an 8,3

* Figures are based on consumer tests, hettestpanel.nl, April 2014

87% would replace their current baby bottle by the Difrax S-bottle.
91% would recommend the Difrax S-bottle to friends, family or colleagues.
78% of parents experience a decrease in their babies stomach cramps when using the S-bottle.

Baby bottle XL for milk porridge

Your baby will start drinking milk porridge when it is around six months old. Fill the baby bottle with warm follow-up milk and add ready-to-eat, pre-cooked fine grain porridge, such as rice flour. Most babies like milk porridge as a nice change to ordinary milk and milk porridge keeps their tummies satisfied just a bit longer. So for many parents milk porridge is the ideal way to end the day. Difrax recommends you use the S-bottle Wide 310 ml and the Difrax medium or large teat to feed your baby its milk porridge. Enjoy!


S-bottle warmer

The innovative S-bottle warmer heats baby milk to the ideal breastfeeding temperature of 37°C within 3 minutes.






Bottle teats
Your baby requires a different baby bottle teat for each phase in its development. Difrax has therefore developed a wide range of safe silicone bottle teats.

The Difrax pacifier

Difrax pacifiers keep pace with your baby’s development.
Sucking on a pacifier has a calming effect on babies. It makes them feel safe and secure. Difrax pacifiers come in a range of models and sizes to suit every stage in your baby’s development from new-born to toddler. So your child will always have one to match its growth.

Why give your baby a pacifier?
During their first five months after birth, babies have very strong suckling reflexes. Their need to suckle is completely natural. After all, suckling is what releases the mother’s milk from the breast. So your baby controls your milk production and therefore its own nutrition. Sucking on a pacifier fulfils that need for suckling and is easier on the teeth than thumb-sucking. Pacifiers are also more hygienic and even safer: more and more studies show that the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is reduced when you put your baby to bed with a pacifier. What’s more, it is much easier to wean your child from a pacifier than his/her thumb.

The Difrax pacifier explained

  • The butterfly-shaped shield allows free nasal breathing
  • Holes in the shield provide additional airflow, preventing skin irritation
  • Developed in close cooperation with dentists & paediatricians
  • Grow with your baby’s need to suck
  • Trendy designs and colours
  • Highly recommended by mothers


The beloved and popular Difrax pacifier can be recognised by the butterfly-shaped shield and trendy designs. Together with a team of medical experts, Difrax developed pacifiers in 5 sizes. The shield grows larger simultaneous to the shape and size of your baby’s face and the sucking parts (nozzle) becomes larger and more massive as the need to suck increases as well as the jaw strength.

* Figures are based on consumer tests, MamaenZo, December 2014.

96% would recommend the Difrax pacifier to friends, family or colleagues!
88% say that the pacifier is easy for babies to accept.
87% say the pacifier meets their child’s suckling needs.

Natural or Dental?
The Natural nozzle resembles the shape of a nipple and is easy for babies to accept.
The Dental nozzle benefits the development of jaw and palate.

Difrax pacifiers grow with your baby
Difrax pacifiers keep pace with your baby’s growth, from new-born to 18 months and over. Difrax teamed up with medical experts to develop its range of pacifiers in five different sizes. As your baby grows, the shield grows along with it. The nozzle is larger and stronger too, to match your child’s strengthening jaws.

TIP: Replace your baby’s pacifier every 6 weeks. Perform a daily test on the sucking part (nozzle) by firmly pulling it, to check whether it is undamaged.

Glow in the dark pacifiers: Easy to find in the dark

The knob or ring of the Glow in the dark pacifiers are made from a safe phosphorescent material which glows in the dark. A baby that sleeps with a pacifier will less likely turn onto the tummy, decreasing the risk of cot death.

Safety tips for using the pacifier

  • Replace your baby’s pacifier every 6 weeks to prevent wear. Before each use pull firmly on the nozzle to check it is still intact
  • Children who bite on their pacifier should be given a teething ring or weaned from their pacifier
  • Clean the pacifier regularly, for instance with Difrax pacifier wipes, the Difrax sterilising egg or the Difrax microwave steriliser
  • Use a pacifier cord to clip the pacifier onto your baby’s clothing. Do not use a pacifier clip in bed!
  • Decide when your baby may and may not have a pacifier; for example, when your baby is sleeping, but not when it is playing
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