According to Gail F.Melson, a Professor Emerita of developmental studies, an estimated 4 in 10 children begin life in a family with domestics animals, and as many as 90 percent of all kids live with a pet at some point during their childhood. Apart from our furry friends adding joy to our lives, their existence in the family is highly beneficial for your kid. Here’s why:

Pets Inspire an Active and Healthy Lifestyle

A part of being a pet owner is to play with your pets and make sure they get enough exercise. This is especially true with dogs, owning a dog means that you and the family have to take him/her for regular walks and this inspires an active lifestyle for the entire family.

Pets also contribute to the development of a healthy immune system. In a study conveyed by Pediatrician, Dennis Ownby, he ‘found that children who were exposed to two or more dogs or cats as babies were less half as likely to develop common allergies as kids who had no pets in the home’.

Pets Teach Responsibility

As a family, owning a pet is a big responsibility. You can reap additional benefit of this situation by teaching your children about caring for another being and plan on how you will manage that responsibility. They will have to help feed the animals, clean the cages or sleeping space and make sure they are safe and healthy at all times.  This will help with planning skills, as well as teaching your children self discipline.

Pets Improve Social Skills

According to studies, autistic children who own dogs show stronger social skills. If children regularly interact with dogs they are more likely to introduce themselves and respond to social prompts. Engaging with another being helps improve your child’s social capabilities none the less, without realising it, we communicate our thoughts and feelings with our animals, and this action leads to introspection which assists in dealing with our feelings.

Pets Help With Learning

Many education and child development experts have concluded that incorporating animals in their therapy sessions, it can be highly beneficial to the learning child. This is especially true with reading and communication skills. By reading to his/her dog instead of mom and dad, a child feels less judged and more supported since the pet doesn’t respond with criticism but instead only with unconditional love. It’s a great way for your child to practice their skills.

These are just a few reasons why a pet can be highly beneficial for the personal growth and development of your child. Of course there are a lot of factors that need to be taken into account before getting a pet, but hopefully this article has helped to convince you of the positive benefits in owning a furry friend.


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