Earn Your Wings with the new Top Wings toy range from Hasbro

Earn Your Wings with the new Top Wing toy range

Last week We received the coolest Top Wing Goodie Bags- They boys went crazy. They LOVE Top Wing.

Here is a little more info on one of their favourite shows –

P.S: Top Wing Toy Range is definitely on Our 2019 Christmas List.


Gear up and get ready to ‘earn your wings’ when you join the Top WingAcademy cadets-in-training Swift, Penny, Rod, and Brody on all their exciting rescue missions in the community of Big Swirl Island.


Kids can explore the importance of teamwork and resilience as they recreate their favourite scenes from Nickelodeon’s animated preschool series Top Wing.


Get to know the characters: Swift is a blue jay and the fastest pilot at the academy, Penny, a penguin and the only female in the group, is also an expert at undersea life, Brody is a puffin who prefers land missions while, Rod, the rooster, is always on the ready to fly around Big Swirl Island in his all-terrain vehicle.


Follow the adventures of the four feathered cadet friends on NICK JR.DSTV channel 307 while creating your own stories with the latest Top Wingtoy range – imagine all the fun of working together to become a full-feathered rescue team.



Kids can image new adventures with their favourite rescue birds-in-training with the Top Wing Single Figure Assortment. Each poseable 7-cm figure is ready for action with five points of articulation and includes a snap-on ‘wings’ badge that kids can wear (figures sold separately).


Come in, cadets! Create your own rescue missions with the Top Wing Mission Racers 2-pack assortment, featuring your favourite rescue birds in training and some friends and mischief makers from Big Swirl Island. Each figure comes seated in their Mission Control Racer vehicles. Look for all the Mission Control Racers (each sold separately, subject to availability) including Brody & Penny, Rod and Betty, and Swift and Baddy, and get ready to roll into pretend adventure.

Join your favourite cadets in training as they get ready to ‘earn their wings’ on full-feathered rescue missions with theTop Wing Figure and Vehicle Assortment. Each 7-cm poseable character comes with its vehicle.  The Top Wing Figure and Vehicles include Swift, Rod, Penny, and Brody (each sold separately, subject to availability).


It’s a race to earn your wings with this Mission Ready Track Playset. Load Top Wing Mission Control Racers into the top of the track and lift the double-vehicle launcher to send them on their way! Top Wing Racers speed down two spiral tracks and launch off a ramp and into the air to earn their wings. The playset features a diverter that lets kids switch from one track to another.  Spinners at the finish line with badges that rotate as vehicles pass through make for an exciting finale. Comes with Rod Racer figure. Look out for additional Mission Control Racers to add to the collection and race together (not included, sold separately).


Trouble in the sky? Top Wing Swift is your guy. Now kids can join Swift in his Deluxe Rescue Vehicle for high-flying rescue missions as he zooms through the sky and earns his wings. Team up with Swift as he takes flight on the Flash Wing, which includes a Rescue mode (talons down) and Turbo mode  (talons up), each with sounds for even more fun.


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