As any parent will know, whether it’s bed-time, a long car journey or a five-year-old’s birthday party with 20 of their closestfriends, maintaining the peace can often be a little bit tricky.  Which is why Spotifyhas compiled somefavourite go-to tips that may just save the day and your sanity.


  1. On the Road

Every good quest begins with a journey, but for many parents that journey often starts with trying to wrestle your toddler into their car seat or mediating who gets to sit next to the window – and this is before you’ve even started the engine. Wouldn’t it just be so much easier if your little side-kicks were happily distracted assoon as you stepped into the vehicle without the hassleof trying to find their favourite CDamongst the chaos?


Spotify has curated several playlists jam-packed full of songs and nursery rhymes that are sure to hit all the right notes with the kids. Try the Spotify Sing Alongplaylist that includes tracks from Disney’s Frozen, Sponge Bob, The Lion Kingand more.


  1. If you haven’t already signed go to comand register – its free!
  2. Use Spotify’s browsefeature and click on ‘kids’ and find Family Road Tripor Sing Alongif you want the playlist readily available, hover over it and click the ‘+’ to follow
  3. Start singing along with your kids to all their favourite songs


Is your child’s heart-set on a specific few songs? Then why not create your own playlist. All you have to do is click new playlist on the bottom left-hand corner and use the search bar to find Frozen’s Let it Go  (or any other title). Once you’ve found the right song Tap the ‘more button’ (…) and then tap add to playlist. Repeat step above until you are happy with the selection you have made


  1. Keeping the peace

Once you’ve got everyone settled and happily singing along, the last thing you want to do is disturb the peace by cutting the music to navigate your way around. Spotify has teamed up with Waze to make it easier and safer to get where you’re going without interrupting the music. Once you sync Spotify with Waze you’ll  access easy-to-use playback controls, be able to safely play Spotify in Waze and run Waze on Spotify. To get more information on how to pair the apps based the type of tech your car has, click here.


  1. It’s my party, and I’ll (try not to) cry if I want to

The balloons are tied to the gate, the party packs are out and any minute now you’ll have several tots streaming through the doors.  It’s a birthday party and you’ve got a million balls to juggle; from the food, to the drinks, the small talk with parents you’ve only just met and kids to keep busy.  But Spotify has got you covered – in the entertainment area at least.


Simply click play on one of Spotify’s fun kid’s playlists such as Pop for Kidsand Kids Workoutor create your own and in no time you’ll have you mini guests dancing and singing along.


You can also create your own party-themed playlist, with over 35 million tracks on Spotify, you’re bound to find all those kid’s Disneyclassics, from The Little Mermaidto The Incredibles.


  1. Bed time stories

How many times have you read ‘Guess how much I love you?’ We know, you’ve lost count, and you certainly don’t need to guess anymore. So why not get Spotify to read to your little ones tonight?   Spotify has compiled three playlists with just this in mind there’s, Once Upon a Time, Animal StoriesandFairy Tales. Beautifully narrated and full of adventure, wonder and happily ever after’s. Let your kids’ imaginations run wild, while you curl up with them for some cuddle time.   With Spotify, your tale definitely has a happy ending!


  1. Sleeping beauty

Getting kids to sleep is often not a task for the faint-hearted. There’s the never-ending glasses of water and the monsters under the bed, but the hardest challenge of all is possibly the lullaby. You hope desperately that no-one overhears your rendition of ‘rock-a-bye baby’ because you can only ever remember the first two verses. Well, Spotify knows all the lullabies, all the verses and has all the right instrumentals to help your little one drift off to sleep.  Try one of the already curated playlists tonight, there’s: Baby Sleep, Classic Lullabiesand Music Box Lullabiesor create your own bedtime playlist.


iOS tip – if you have an Apple device, use this clever hack to turn the music off after a set time so that you don’t have to worry about sneaking into the room and inadvertently stepping on the only squeaky floorboard. Start your favourite playlist, go to timer app on your phone, change when the timer endsto stop playing, set the time for music to play and click start.


Download the Spotify app via the Android or iOS app store or by heading to– to embed Spotify into a website– right click on any playlist, go to ‘share’ and copy embed code.


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