Difrax S-Shaped Bottle Review – Riyana Vigelant

One of our #ParentChoice Moms recently had the chance to review the Difrax bottle and this is what she had to say:

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to try out the Difrax S-shaped bottle.

Firstly the shape of the bottle was a little suspicious, as there are many baby products on the market that don’t deliver on their promises.

My four month old daughter has problems with reflux, she is formula fed and we were advised to try different formulas and feeding her in an upright position. For the first 3 months we used 3 different formulas however her reflux was still there and the position wasn’t helping.

The minute we tried the Difrax bottle she fed with little to no spillage, minimal winding was required and she was more relaxed. After 10 days of using the Difrax bottle her reflux has significantly decreased. When she sees the green hue of the Difrax bottle her eyes light up, and she can’t wait to grab the bottle for her feed. She enjoys her feeding time so much that she dozes off during a feed and this never happened with her previous bottles.

All in all the Difrax S shaped bottle has made both baby and mommy very happy.

Thank you Kinderlove and Difrax


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